Custom Application Development


Our team brings your App to life and provides a one-stop shop throughout the development and launch.

Web Applications:

We develop both Businesses to Business and Business to Customer web applications that enrich your relationships with your existing and new customers, with optimal workflow. Ensuring that the application is robust, secure, and deliver high performance always remains our key priority.

Our delivery flow:

  • Understand the business requirements.
  • Detailed analysis of the workflow.
  • Develop, test, and deploy.
  • Create an immaculate UI experience.

Mobile Applications:

We deliver high-quality mobile apps with intuitive and brilliant UI for the optimal level of engagement for both B2B & B2C clients, at enterprise levels. We have worked with clients internationally, across various industries and platforms.

Our App Development includes:

  • Native Apps for IOS & Android.
  • Cross Platform (Cordova, Ionic).
  • Hybrid App Development.
  • Custom Mobile App Development to work in sync with your web application.

Desktop Applications:

We’re bringing in the deep level of programming expertise to build feature-rich desktop applications for your business, solidifying your central business process. We have built great applications for very large companies with multiple communication workflows and multiple integrations.

Features of our Desktop Applications:

  • Rich UI.
  • Secure and Scalable.
  • High-performance delivery.
  • Simple applications carving complex workflows.



We build custom apps that bring the power of real-time data processing and providing insights, by using the latest technologies and empowering your processes with speed and accuracy. Our solutions are built to ensure easily tackled scalability at an architectural level.”


Real-time System Architecture


TURN/STUN Server Configuration.


Sensor Data Monitoring


Streaming Server Configuration and Scaling


Fraud and Spam Detection


Messaging and Chat Applications

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