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We develop RPA tools and Software to help businesses improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations faster.



U.S. robotic process automation (RPA) market size, by type, 2015-2025 (USD Million)

The growth in the adoption of Robotic Process Automation in various fields involving high volume and repeated tasks has seen an elliptical increase. It is projected to increase at a faster pace in the years to come.

As per grandviewresearch, RPA will see a growth as illustrated below:

*It is a projected figure for the U.S data size only.


Successful implementation of PRA requires multiple levels of strategic initiatives and closely following the best-practices in every step of the process.


  • Understand high-impact processes and prioritize them.
  • Study and understand operations.
  • Build business cases.
  • Clearly ensure project-readiness


  • After a thorough analysis, figure the process-candidates for automation.
  • Stack the processes in the right categories.
  • Build an implementation methodology.
  • Record the timeline and risk-mitigation clarity.

Implementation readiness

  • Build an experienced team, with the right candidate to head the execution.
  • Make a process for effective monitoring.
  • A clear structure of every role’s output and timelines.

Tool Selection

  • There is no single tool that would satisfy all the requirements of the implementation roadmap.
  • A detailed study to understand the best fit between the need and the availability.
  • The better the fit, the better the implementation.
  • A clear ideology to be given to show the fit between the need and the pool of tools selected.

The Soulstice's Advantages

  • We have a rich resource pool of RPA professionals, experienced in excellently implementing RPA projects.
  • Experience in implementing and building the proof of concepts in various industries.
  • Complete delivery and 24/7 support.
  • Evolving best practices framework that constantly enables us to better our processes.

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